Day 2. Why, what and when do I write.

25 Days Blog Challenge: Day 2

Morning and Happy Sabbath to you all!

On to Day 2 now and I’m quite excited about it anyway I hope someone is reading this as well otherwise it’s fine 🙂 Let me just quickly answer the above question then; so we’re done for the day and maybe create another one later x

Why and what? 

I blog to share some important and useful bits; and inspire you with my holidays to make it your next stop in your future travel plans.

When do I blog?

I come to my senses when it’s late or as soon as I wake up in the morning but because of my kids I tend to do things for me when I am done with them.

So late night and early morning but when I am excited about something I tried to prepare all the necessary materials ready for when I have free time.

That’s about it but I will try to add bits and pieces and make it informative and fun x


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