Baking in my head 

No baking experience and I’m no artist either but I managed to bake few cakes that I created from nothing to yummy and average looking cakes.

I was inspired by my daughter and Lola’s Cupcake to bake so I started gathering basic baking tools and ingredients; baked (red velvet) 2-3 trials a day until I reach the texture and taste that I am happy with. 

Trials and error and I must say more YouTube and more website to compare their ingredients and processes really helps. At the end I can bake and create average looking cakes that I know most of the recipients are happy with. 

“Baking is just another endless crafty but yummy world.”

Tips for beginners: 

  • Find the flavour you want to bake and focus in it to start with.
  • When buying tools don’t get to excited THEYRE ADDICTIVE and be practical as they’re quite pricey.
  • Check online, websites and YouTube as most bakers post processes, techniques and recipes online. 
  • Join baking groups online (Facebook) they are handy and useful when you need ideas and advise.
  • Subscribe from baking magazine with free stuff. 
  • Warning: soon you’ll be lack of sleep and 2 or 3 am bed time will become regular especially weekend.
  • Enjoy every minute of baking.

I recommend the following websites for recipes and guides.

Few of my bakings:

From these baking: 
To my recent:  



Good luck and have fun. 


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