Day 4. Best vacation memories

25 Days Blog Challenge: Day 4

I can’t afford much of a holiday every year so when I get a chance I always make them count and memorable but the best of the best I can think of so far are the following:

Oh sorry they’re only 3 so here it goes x

Top 1: Venice Italy 2015

The latest (and maybe the last) birthday gift from my husband- 4 days and 4 nights to Venice Italy in December 2015; and it is my favourite so far as its just so meeee x

Everything is walking distance hahaha and it has most of the food and things that I LOVE! And all the luxury I can think of! Plus the GONDOLA TRIP was the bonus my hubby paid for that expensive 30-45 minutes ride just to complete my bday gift!

Another Top 1: Philippines Holiday 2014  

The cousins- they’re complete

A complete family holiday to my good old country. We traveled and spent the holidays together with my Sisters’ family and my Mum so we could be together with my Dad then my Brother and his family.

It was wonderful…more loving and some few disagreements but it was time well spent and we’re family at the end of the day.
Then the last top 1 😜😍 Marmaris Turkey with my ladies 2015

This holiday was one of the first of many relaxing holiday in the future with the ladies.
Imagine a day boat cruising under the sun, adult and mature conversations lasting til 2-3 am, friends assessment therapies lol and massages.
Talking about them HOLIDAYS makes me wanna go more and excited again and again.

Ok I’m done for today and just wait for my future travel blogs for more detailed holidays that might give you some idea and inspirations.
Good day and keep warm you guys x


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