Day 5. What I am afraid of or my worries?

25 Days Blog Challenge: Day 5 

I always have my worries that I have more grey hairs than my older Sister!  But the following are my major concerns…and I will be talking from my heart.

As a sinful and non perfect human being. I can’t even remember since when…in my heart and at the back of my head- “I’ve been always afraid of how I am not ready for His second coming and I will be left behind.” 

Which is true that I am not ready at all and not fully spiritually equipped either (so help me God) x I know I need to do something about it soon very soon!

Next is as a Mother of two, I am afraid that what if I am not the best example for my kids!

Then “what if my husband lose his full time job”  I don’t know how are we going to survive with my weekend job thinking we have so much in our plate lately and there’s so much competition out there.

And I have to be honest with you that:

I am always worried every time I have baking…what if the cake is not good enough…not yummy and not beautiful!”

Lastly, we have booked our holidays to Egypt this coming July and I am really worried! I am afraid of the situation and the crisis the country is experiencing right now.

Yup I am done for now and so sorry if they’re too personal. Honestly it made me feel a lot better so thank you.

Ciao for now xxx


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