Weekend in Rome  


“Rome is surprisingly warm and beautiful; a compact and great city surrounded with great history, architectures and arts.”

This city is great for city breaks or weekend get a way. There’s lots to see during day time and lots to do in the night. Lots of fountain to visit and in the background; and lots of home cooking and gelatos to taste.

The Colesseum
The Vatican City

We visited Roma back in 2012 for a short weekend and it didn’t disappoint us. The City and Termini area (where we stayed) kept me and my husband busy day and night altho we missed Trevi Fountain and the shopping bit but we did managed to visit the Vatican Museum and Colosseum and other famous tourist spots. 
To see Michaelangelo’s masterpiece and to admire those well built awesome architectures was a great treat already x  

Michaelangelo’s maspterpiece

Aside from its great history, arts and architectures we also enjoyed their home cooked pastas, gelatos, the local fishing village nearby and this jazz bar selling €20 a shot with truffles and chocolates on the side. Which made it “the ideal city for weekend get a way or city break.” 



 Just to let you know: 

  • That their homemade pasta is delicious. 
  • That English language is well used in the Country.
  • Gelatos are yummy and comes with different flavour but a bit pricey especially outside the Vatican. 




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