Turkey: before travel

Rock Tombs in Dalyan

“The country is a great place to visit, full of surprises at affordable prices.”

Let’s talk about Turkey and it’s beautiful tourism not the other things. 

As we all know Turkey is the home of Turquoise Coasts and famous for its Turkish delights. It has long sandy beaches, lots of activities everyone will enjoy (that’s including mud bath experience, quad biking, boat trips and more).  Locals are friendly, great food, plenty of sun and with its currency (Turkish Lira) value compare against other currency-definitely you’ll get more out of your money. So what’s not to like Turkey hah.

Aside from that “did you know that these beautiful tourism they’ve open for us to experience during summer times also served most of the locals as their source of income to feed their family for the entire year?”

Cool isn’t it! I found about that during my first visit in Marmaris last July. Basically the locals and it’s tourism are totally dependent to each other; locals will come to the tourist destinations- either to work or to sell their produce and tourism will give something back to them. Which I think is great unlike other asian countries- some of them let other foreign investors enjoy the profit of what could have been theirs. For that I give their tourism board a 👍🏻👍🏻!

Turkey is a beautiful country and a value for our money destination to visit…a really must see country in Europe. 

Anyway there’s more about Turkey below so do check them out. 

Before your trip

  • Remember that you do need a visa. In just 3 steps you can have your e-visa via online. www.evisa.gov.tr
  • Turkish Lira is what you need for the currency although you can easily exchange your money there. 
  • If worried for your safety it is best to check travel advice for UK the website is listed below www.gov.uk
  • Locals can communicate in English and they’re very friendly. 

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