Preparing for your holidays 

Are you a last minute packer? Or you’re like me who’s always excited and ahead of time when it comes to travel plans and preparation. 

As we all know preparation is the key to a safe, fun, less disastrous, memorable and happy holidays. 

Because things can and do go wrong; so it is best to do your research, plan and prepare ahead of time. 

Some holiday-makers including me still fail you know so to avoid disappointment for our most awaited holidays I have listed few things we should consider in preparing our holiday.

  • Research about your chosen destination. Find out about their language and try to learn it’s quite fun, the weather and temperature,  currency, dos and donts if there’s any. Lastly, if it’s accessible- what transportation is available in the area as you might need it one day. 
  • Consider the season. Is it within off peak or peak time. Destinations and resorts get busy as well. And buying holidays can be pricey depending on its season. Here in UK for example our peak season is in summer holidays and other break. 
  • Book it. Once decided- book it with your travel agency as they get very expensive and don’t forget to book your holiday dates at work if you’re working. Don’t leave it too late.
  • Check your passport (expiration) and if you need travel visa. If you do, apply plenty of time before your travel date. 
  • Money. If you’re like me who work and play…I normally book ahead of time with plenty of time to save money for my holiday. I tend to put away cash every month before travel date. I once used envelope labelled with the destination’s name!   But this time I will be travelling and saving with my babies so will be doing it in this fun way. 
  • Try to plan out your holidays. Create itinerary if you can. List down activities or places you want to visit to avoid wasted and boring days. 
  • Buy few things at a time. Buy or exchange your money. Don’t forget your travel insurance, bikinis, camera, sun cream and extra handy medicines. 
  • And when packing make sure to put all 100ml stuff in your check in luggage not in your hand carry.

Yup that’s right we spend more time preparing actually than lying on a beach. But hopefully with this quick list will help you get more fun under the sun x


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