Relaxing and fun Marmaris 


“Marmaris is a pretty laid back mountainous bay with its calm, sunny and golden seashore; there awaits in line some wooden vintage piratey looking yachts ready for some fun and day trips.”

It is one of Turkey’s tourist destinations attracting Russians, British and Scandanavian visitors. 

The place has a pretty laidback feel to it; great for my age I suppose 😜!

But really its for everyone and great for family holidays too thats why I am going back their with my husband and our two babies in August (so do wait for it hehehe); as its reasonably affordable with great value that can make your holiday totally memorable!

To give you an idea how satisfying Marmaris is; I was there last year with my girls for 4 days and 4 nights. Me considering jobless at that time I only have about more or less £300 budget and my my my I had a relaxing and fun time. With that budget I managed to experience and visited Dalyan, 2 massages in 4 days (a great bonus as I am addicted to it), quad biking and a little less expensive jewellery shopping. So there you start considering Turkey for your next trip x

As what I have said Turkey is one of those affordable but warm and beautiful places to visit; consider this your £1 is about 3+ Turkish Lira so you’ll still get more with your money just don’t get those expensive diamonds ok 😜 x

If you’re planning to visit I totally recommend the following:

* Get a half board or all inclusive with these you’ll save more in terms of food and time.

* Book a hotel by the beach; find a hotel at least 100 meters away or so why? Because it is nice to have the beach by your door steps and wake up then eat your breakfast with the feel of the fresh sea breeze.

***Bare in mind tho that some hotels charge for the air-con per day and so the Internet***

* Include travel transfer as Marmaris is quite far from the airport and some flights will get you there almost midnight.

* Exchange some of your money into Turkish Lira and bring some extra £££; you can easily exchange your £££ there while most shops accept them anyway.

Things to do:

    1. On your first day get Pamper in Turkish Style. Turkish bath or hammam is a must. Prices depending on how luxurious you want it. It’s great and it helps so you get the full tan you want during your holiday as it cleanses your outer body and skin.

    2. Take the boat trip to Dalyan; on the way you’ll enjoy an open air museum with some great ancient ruins, where you’ll experience mud bath, short trip to Turtle Island and up close to see some turtles (if you get lucky) and turtle eggs.



    3. If you still have time I’m sure quad biking will not disappoint you. It’s good for some adrenaline junkie type because of the speed and how rough the course is.

    ***Be sure to bring handkerchief or mask for covering while on the road will save you from couple of liras if you do***

    4. It’s time to enjoy proper authentic kebabs from their homeland…hotels served them too known as grilled type but not as kebab.


    5. Enjoy fresh Turkish delights with different flavours as they’re famous for it.


    “Last but not the least is enjoy the following:

    the sun, the beach, the food and it’s people they’re friendly and they’re important as the tourist component you can find in the area. Remember they come ones in a year…form/create holiday destinations for us to make it more fun and memorable!”





















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