Why visit Philippines?

img_4192Why not?!

Philippines itself is beautiful and has so much to offer; aside from great history we also have more than 7,100 islands in the country that you can choose from to visit. Obviously not all of them are touristy but if you pick the right one and once you reach them- it will really make you say Wow! And plan for the come back. As most of us- Filipino will say “ang sarap-sarap balikan” meaning it makes you wanna come back every time!

I have to be honest with you altho I was born in the Philippines; I still haven’t got the chance to explore my own country that well yup I have missed a lot including Boracay, Palawan and Bohol! Which I am working on so very soon I’ll get my two feet set on them.

But I promise you all the stuff you’re about to read is as good and useful as everything you’ve read from well travelled bloggers. As I’ve been some few places within and outside of the country so here it goes.

Personally, before I decide to travel aside from how beautiful one destination is I always considered other things- such as the following:

Weather and temperature

Good news! We don’t have winter back home and the real feel is its always hot and humid in there- more or less 25 degrees celsius depending on the area with some rainfall.

Value for our money
Philippines is incredibly affordable and you can easily travel in a hot and beautiful destination such Boracay or Palawan on a budget. As after paying for the holidays roughly around £82 for the typical weekend get away; you’ll still have extra for activities…foods and entertainment. Look at it this way; from your £1 you’ll get about P61 and imagine from P1000 a family of four can dine from it so with your P500- P1000 you can have breakfast, lunch, dinner and extra shot or two. I am simply saying travelling to the Philippines is worth every penny!

Very accessible
You can reach each famous destinations either by air, land and sea. The country also have low cost flights being offered regularly and you can easily buy all sorts of tickets online or from terminal offices and other authorised sellers.

Locals are friendly and communicable
Filipinos are warm and hospitable by trait and can communicate well as English language is common in the country or even if they can’t speak the language most of them will really try to greet and even say hello. That’s how we welcome foreigners and just to show how friendly we are.

Foods are fresh, tasty and unique in there own way

We Filipinos are also known for not wasting any parts of food so aside from delicious Filipino delicacies such as adobo, bulalo and dried fish; we also have very interesting street foods. There you’ll find all sorts of barbecues and grilled foods including isaw (chicken intestine), adidas (chicken feet)and ulo nang manok (chicken head). Don’t forget halo- halo (mix of sweetened ingredients and fruits), Puto (steam puddings), sinapot (fried bananas) and other dessert with real Filipino tastes that will surely satisfy your taste buds.


Holiday extras and activities
As one of the developed tourist destination known worldwide the Philippines offered all the holiday extras you can think of. From sky to scuba diving, zip lines to quad biking and from relaxation to entertainment; it’s not a problem you’ll never run out of ideas to keep yourself or the kids busy and feed you holiday satisfaction.


Sea water temperature
Last but very important to me as I cannot swim; if the water is warm enough then I am a happy bunny as I can skinny dipping without me requiring to swim around to keep myself warm and enjoy the water otherwise I am just as good on the bench under the sun.

“With those reason Philippines has set my higher standards especially when it comes to a beach holidays. To call one destination a complete package- therefore I conclude that it has to be beautiful but affordable…warm sea water…warm, friendly and communicable locals, tasty and interesting foods and great entertainment all year round.”

And you know what Philippines- has it all; surely this destination will make your holiday a memorable one and with all the perks it will make you wanna come back! x








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