Travellers’ Etiquette and Ethical Travel

Back when I was in the university studying Tourism and Hospitality; we’ve learned about ecotourism, tourists’ behaviours and cultures but what we really talked about is the impact of irresponsible holiday makers and how to lessen the effect of tourism.

And I would like to share some of them with you if you don’t mind. Because most of us always get carried away with our holidays while some are just too obvious showing off that they’re travelling for the sake of I don’t know. With that we tend to forget that we are in a foreign land and we become irresponsible, feeling free as a bird and couldn’t care less.

I know holidays and travelling is about pleasure…experiencing and creating happy memories but it also requires careful consideration to the locals and the environment while we’re enjoying it; and guess what tourists that you just read is somehow is the definition of ECOTOURISM. And that’s how we all (the tourists) should behave while on holiday. Because what we normally see in one particular destination is so precious and irreplaceable that once it’s broken it’s gone; with that tourists are required to be more careful…responsible…respectful and must leave the smallest carbon footprint as possible for the benefit of locals, the natural resources and the environment.

For your information if we continue travelling with irresponsible behaviour towards the tourism- by the time you manage to save money for your come back or next trip those beautiful and natural resources will not be as beautiful and natural anymore!

We don’t want that do we?! So to help reduce the impact of tourism I have listed some common etiquettes we normally come across and we should follow it.

* We should travel and explore in a less damaging way. We can do this by following few tourist signs provided by the host country. If there is sign of please do not touch or walk only in the provided pathway then do so as some of them are well preserved and irreplaceable when damage.

* Respect locals and their existing believes. One example of this is in Corfu Greece they treat olive tree and the olives there sacred. They even put nets underneath to catch it. Do respect it as they believe in it. Another is dress appropriately when visiting churches or mosque and other religious buildings.

* Respect other tourists.
Try minimise your voice not too loud as some preferred quite or some come as part of their relaxation. And position in the right place without blocking someone’s view.

* Photos. When taking someone’s picture do ask permission first and WHEN TAKING SELFIE PLEASE TRY DO IT WITHOUT BLOCKING SOMEONE’S VIEW AND LESS ANNOYING! I’m sorry to say but some are annoyingly doing it. Selfie here selfie there.

* Do not litter!

img_4206Big no! no! Do not litter…and if you see one pick it up and throw in the bin instead; this way you help preserve and clean the surrounding area.

* Educate yourself about your next destination’s culture. This way you can prepare appropriate clothing and you’ll have some ideas on how to behave there.

* Very important travel better and responsibly then leave no trace or the smallest footprint.


I hope we can all try to be a better traveller for a sustainable tourism, for the locals and for our future children to see and experience this beautiful world of tourism were enjoying now.



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