Paris, France

My first ever short city break within Europe is in Paris with my sister Jesselynn and my friend Jham it was only for 1 night for us (me and jham) but we had so much fun and the best thing is I get to see Eiffel Tower first hand and the accommodation was free as my sister checked in with one of the hotels in Paris.

Paris is just like London its a proper city only it has the Eiffel Tower which is a good scenery within the city and the Disneyland as the creational in the country side.

I almost forgot most of the restaurants in Paris weigh their food then you pay per gram while they have double decker train sadly I do not have pictures of it.

Things to do:

img_42611. Go shopping in La Valle Village its a factory shopping outlet village close to Disneyland.

2. Enjoy Disneyland The park is within easy reach from central Paris; just 1 train all the way to the park.

3. Check out Notre Dame Cathedral and the area during the night it is so different…its very romantic as people sits on the ground and sings beautiful songs…any nice tunes really…lovers walk hand in hand while the light flickers and the river flows with the music…thats what I love the most in Paris.

How to get there:

1. By Eurostar train from St. Pancras London to Paris; its more or less 2 hours journey and Eurostar always have a great deal; all you have to do is book it early.

2. Or take the plane to Paris there’s loads of low cost airplane now a days that can help you get there less than 2 hours.








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