Breakfast and a day trip in Brussels x

img_4264 After a day in Paris with my sister; my friend (Jham) and I jumped in the train heading towards Brussels in time for breakfast and for another day to explore what this city can offer and with tons of scrumptious chocolates- truffles to be exact and beautiful architectural buildings next to each other and surrounding me; I couldn’t ask for more but to be back there soon.

Although it was only for a day visit we managed to see a lot of the city and it was well worth it.

If you’re going I totally recommend the following:

1. First stop try some of what they’re famous for- the Belgian chocolates and truffles.

2. Take a lot of pictures of the central city; and sit down somewhere or in the Parc Royal and have some more chocolates or a cup of tea or coffee.

3. Visit Mini Europe and Atomium; the two biggest attractions in the area.




4. Aside from chocolates; the city is also great with seafoods. There’s a couple of streets of restaurant where you can easily sneak in to and enjoy the seafoods for 1 or a dinner for two.

To go there:

Coming from London…Eurostar is the best as its cheaper and its only around 2 hours by train and the rest of the attractions are within reach.

Brussels I can say is one of the cities I am comfortable with maybe it’s the chocolate but the place has the relaxing feel to it.

I once promised my daughter Sophia that I will take her there one day so wait for it; maybe this time I will come go back again with her as one of those mother and daughter thing or just to get away for a day tour…relax…have lunch in one of the streets that serves sea foods and eat a lot of chocolates as a treat.

Did you enjoy your Brussels day trip too? Do let me know and drop me some recommendations for great sea foods restaurant that serve home cook style with unique taste to it.

Ciao x




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