Shoes…bags…sunglasses or travel?

I have to be honest with you; I am mainly these four “A woman of shoes…bags…sunglasses and travel” ooooppppsss and many more X

If I can and if time & money permits I tend to buy one of each; obviously not in one shopping but if I get lucky before I know it all of them are already packed and ready to go with passport in my handbag.

After working hard and pay day comes in; we most of the time buy things as a treat to our self which is good as we all deserve it. Some may go for a new trendy shoes within the season, a Rayban or Marc Jacob sunglasses for this summer perhaps, a new leather bag with a £500 price tag or a relaxing holiday we look forward to under the sun.

Yup! They are all pricey and unfortunately are my fast time too but the one I normally really get excited and go for is TRAVELLING. As experiencing, tasting, seeing and learning something new about the destination first hand is one of the best thing we can ever buy with our money.


1. Life is complicated and busy enough; we need to get away somehow to a relaxing new atmosphere with a complete dose of sun, sea and fresh air. Let’s not clutter our surroundings with more heavy loads of material things instead fill it up with happy and fun experiences.

2. Going for travelling gives you a long lasting happiness…memories…self satisfaction and knowledge added within ourselves that nobody can take away from us rather than buying fashion to make our self look good and trendy in someone’s eyes.

3. Everybody or most of us can afford to buy the same style of LV and collect few things from Harrods but what we can’t really afford is someone’s unique holiday experiences from different places.

I could do without those things but what I could not live without is TRAVELLING as it makes me more alive at the same time it feeds my holiday addiction. Altho I’ll shall try to have more of those things while travelling one at a time. Good old habits die hard! As I don’t mind having empty nice bags so long I’m filled with great experiences and adventure in life X

Which one would you for…travel or material things?


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