Holiday hidden charges

After we paid all the necessary holiday bookings and we think we’ve covered everything…unfortunately there’s still extra charges that can easily break our holiday allowance and budget.

Maybe you already know about this but below are the common travel hidden charges we can hardly can’t avoid.

* International phone charges. Watch out for this because as soon as you land to your destination and forgotten to TURN OFF DATA ROAMING from the setting- charges kick in. They charge for outgoing and receiving calls and its double; while internet data is much more. Good news tho receiving text messages while abroad is free and I know some mobile companies like Three allows its customers to use there free internet datas and calls whilst abroad (Europe).

* Hotels sometimes charge extra for Internet, for some tv channel and air con. I was in Marmaris Turkey with my friends last year and I can confirm that some hotels charge daily for the air con and the Internet; would be nice if its free tho as its really hot and humid there or at least state it in the holiday brochure.

* Tipping. In some countries tipping is a regular thing; it may be little but it is best to check service charges before you give more tips. Also read more about the venue and their costumes.

* Tourist tax. Some European cities do this one example is Venice; I was in Venice last year with my husband and were charged per person per day upon hotel check in.

* Kids clubs. Kids services fee is another additional expenses for travellers with kids. Major resorts are now offering kids clubs and it’s quite encouraging for some parents who want to have a little time for themselves while abroad; some are not free and may come pricey.

* Extra baggage. This happens when we over packed. Some countries charge extra per kilo. It is wiser tho to weigh your luggages before going to the airport or buy extra kilos upon booking.

* Bank charges. After holiday comes all the bills and bank charges as most UK banks charge every time we use our bank cards while on holiday. A transaction fee of up to 3 percent plus an ATM fee. Altho there are some banks offer a a no currency and withdrawal fees and Halifax Clarity Card is the best one there is. Otherwise, you can exchange as much money as you need or buy a prepaid travel card which you load up before travelling. Last option is bring your cards for emergency but don’t forget to notify your bank before going as it will be useless if you don’t.

* Airport transfer. Sometimes we forget or underestimate the distance of our destination from the airport; our last option is taxi and they are extensive. Few years back I went to Corfu Greece and during booking I included airport transfer; as soon as I get there I was thankful because it was arranged already otherwise I wouldn’t even know where to start. Imagine some resorts are situated 3-5 hours drive from the airport.

* Car rental and parking. If renting a car for a few days or a week; you will need to give an advance/returnable deposit and add parking fees to your budget. Were off to Spain in the couple of days and we rented a car for a week. My husband is required to give at least £800 advance deposit for it.

* Visa and exit fee. If we don’t do our research properly regarding our next destination without knowing together with your stamp comes a bill asking you to pay visa entry. I know Turkey requires British passport holder to pay visa entry and if you forgotten they still accept payment upon arrival. So if you don’t know this can easily add up outside of your budget.

I hope you’ll find above information useful as much as I did.

Happy holidays x


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