Family adventure in Spain 

Spain is clean, wide, hot and beautiful. The things I love the most about Spain is that it has a relaxing feel to it and its clean…a little warmer sea water. 

7 days holiday with 2 kids (9 & 3 yrs old) in a hot foreign land like Spain- I thought it would be less fun but we enjoyed it and managed to see a lot; from Costa Brava to Girona and Barcelona. And at the end Spain took a bit of my husband’s and daughter’s heart as they both fell in love with the country (my husband keep saying it would be nice to have a holiday home here)…well we all did and what’s not to like anyway?!Aside from Spain being beautiful and Mr. Sun was so good to us during our trip; I also tried and challenged myself with 2 things out of my comfort zone. Here it goes…

  1. I ate rabbit…yup you’ve read it right it’s grilled rabbit but never again! Incase you wanna ask about the taste…well it’s tender and chicken taste like; it leaves a unique nutty…grainy like taste in your mouth. 
  2. Then I tried fresh oyster…it was raw, salty and slimy. They’re €3-€4 each in Barcelona. I have to be honest after having one I think it’s tastier compare to prawns.

These are the few exciting things you can try and experience while in Spain and the rest is up to you! Just to give you an idea with what you can do and see with your 1 week stay in Spain here are the things we did with our time there. 

Things we did in Spain in just 1 week: Our hotel was based in Malgrat de Mar, Costa Brava. So what we did was rent a car from Barcelona for a week and drove to straight to Malgrat de Mar. The plan was to drive around and surrounding areas of Costa Brava.

  • On our very first day we decided to just stay in Malgrat de Mar- enjoyed the pool and beach under the sun. 
  • Next day we went to Barcelona City for the whole day. We ride on sight seeing bus…walk the Plaza and head to the Market.
  • Then we drove to Tossa de Mar, Girona on the 3rd day. Tossa de Mar is beautiful will definitely keep you busy for the whole day. 
  • On Sabbath day which is Saturday we rested and managed to find a  Seventhday Adventist Church in Mataro Costa Brava.
  • We checked out Blanes beach on the Sunday as it was recommended by the locals and again it’s another clean cooler sea water with bigger waves. 
  • Then my most awaited part to see- Montserrat 

All in all it as you can see we had a great time in Spain. It’s well worth it…the kids had fun and I got more sun tan and more to write about so stay tune x


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