My 2017 travel wishes 

Ok it’s that time of year again! Time to start sorting out my holiday plans especially at work…and I am stucked!!! I have been staring at the forms and dates since 7 this morning 😟. 

Remembering Summer 2016 I think we (my family and I) did well and had so much fun together in Spain and Turkey. 

This year though we will travel less and maybe just 1 trip somewhere in Europe as a surprise (if they really deserve it haha)! 

But for me I have few holiday trips playing in my head. And here it goes: 

Really and truly if time and money permits- my feet would like to go to the following destinations: 

First stop: Thailand maybe going solo I don’t care just get me there lol! I’ve been wanting to go there it’s like another tastes of Philippines in Southeast Asia. Plus I have one of my best-friends there so my fingers are crossed! 

2nd destination: Paris– a family short break in Disneyland (again) maybe for my eldest’s bday celebration in May. 

3rd stop: Morocco. For an adventure I have been waiting for. It’s colour…its appearance and it’s making me wanna go there and I am getting excited more and more when I think of those exciting adventures in Sahara desert and maybe get lost in one of the markets and will take time to admire those colourful things around it. 

I think Morocco trip would be my high light for this year if this wish of mine comes true! 

Yup I am aware (in reality) all three travel wishes listed are not achievable with limited resources but oh well they’re my wishes and might as well wish…big! 

What’s your travel wishes?! xxx


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