Venice is a dream come true. 

I am writing this blog from a well treasured memory and I remembered our holiday and VENEZIA as beautiful as it was the first time I saw it back in 2015. I have been dreaming to visit Venice since I can remember even back when I was in the Philippines; so forgive me for recalling it again and again as I couldn’t just stop thinking about Venice. 

Venice aside from my home country- Philippines is one of the best place I have been! 

Why? As I previously blogged it is so me! Classy…exciting…unique and mysterious. The place is totally different! Different from any other cities I have been including its neighbor- Rome. Venice is also known as “the floating city” and it is link between bridges and canals and before I forget it is also full of beautiful gondolas either big or small. I can safely say that Venice is one of a kind and it’s worth it. It maybe expensive and may not have sandy beaches but it has its own features which is unique to itself that will definitely make your holiday one to remember. 

Here’s my favourite things about Venice: 

Getting lost you may like it or not but expect to be lost all the time day or night in Venice. As it feels like Venice has it’s uniformity and most places has its sameness. So for us we just ended up getting used to be lost all the time during our stay there back in December 2015; we gave up using our google map (iPhone) and started enjoying being lost together in most streets of Venice. For most of our evening walks we also enjoyed street bar hopping- lots of tequilas and cocktails. 

Tips: bring comfortable shoes 👠 

Must try: hot/ warm sangria 

Murano take a boat ride to Murano and enjoy its home made foods and local produced. As they’re famous for glass art works at the same time take advantage of free glass art work show being offered in the area. 

Gondolas an expensive ride for 45 minutes or so but it was a great experience and it completed our holiday. Besides we learned more about the city in one sitting in this classic water transportation.Tips: Ride with gelatos and enjoy your ride x

St Marks Square has so much going on in there. You can just sit there for hours and enjoy the scenery. One side is the shopping centre then the church…comes the museum and the architectural buildings; while you can also enjoy pigeon watching or feeding them (if it’s allowed) and last but not the least is the arrays of  you beautiful gondolas. 

Venice- a dream comes true and I am grateful and still am dreaming. 


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