Holiday for Couples: how hard can it be?

So how hard can it be to find and book holidays for an average couples with kids. If travelling with kids it’s alright and fun too but booking and getting away to spend quality together without the kids is great and exciting as well but it’s more harder and complicated than that. And to answer the above question honestly based on our situation- average working class with 2 kids it is not easy at all!

Just this morning I’ve been browsing for some deals to Thailand or Morocco for the month of June or August as I have been thinking of treating my hubby for his birthday; but at the end we ended up saying never mind timing and dates are not great for us…(it’s either leaving too early or coming too late and the kids will miss out a day or two from school). Then I made a joke by saying I’ll just book Thailand alone for a week or two and we just started laughing over about it. And both suggested book it and I’ll book mine easier that way but as a married couple we would like to travel together. With the time, dates, childcare and prices of tickets to consider most of the time we just put our holiday dreams asides.

You may agree or not it seems like there’s nothing out there for us or maybe yes but with fewer travel options. Why? Here’s what I’ve noticed:

  1. All the good value for money holidays or in other words cheaper holidays are mostly being offered during School terms and off peak season. Which means it’s peak season for us doing school runs, parent meetings and half terms. Yup parents tend to stay at home during that time to attend to their kids.
  2. Most of the great holiday offers out in the market are mainly targeting holiday makers with less baggage or no kids. As they can easily get off their working life nothing to worry about childcare and book their holiday! Ouch we can also pay and afford but we just have loads of things to consider before we can book our holiday especially the dates and childcare.
  3. Summer or half term break are too expensive. Even if we can travel together sometimes couples with kids tend to stay during vacations as holidays are too pricey.
  4. Long haul flights holidays can be an option based on weaker currencies but most of the time it evens it out with other extra charges and ticket prices.

Really for our kind most of the great holiday packages out there are NOT FLEXIBLE ENOUGH in terms of dates and times and there’s no much options for us when it comes to travelling either or unless travel agencies will be kind enough to create a much flexible tailored travel packages for couples with affordability…that would be nice.

Are we in the same boat? How did you get away with?


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