My Best Travel Tips

I try to travel as much as I can since early 2000 and boy I’m loving it! And with all those holidays I’ve experienced few uncomfortable things and learned few useful trick at the same time. 

With that here’s my best travel tips based on my previous holidays.

Travel lite! I always say this especially to my Mum (sorry Ma 😛) every time we travel it’s best to bring what only we can carry  regardless if your luggage allowance is 30 kilos and up. As for me my comfort is my priority! 

When packing. It is important to know what kind of weather or season the destination have then try to pack accordingly. Pre-plan if you can; check if you need to bring formal dresses and shoes. If its all inclusive it’s best to bring formal clothes- dresses for the ladies and trousers for men; as most of the time they required guest to be in formal clothes when it’s dinner time. 

Travel documents. Keep it safe and always have a photocopy of your passport. I also keep a copy with me  in my pocket when I’m out and about. 

Try new things out of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself with something fun…exciting and bearable; it will be a great travel story at the end! Last year in Barcelona Spain I tried fresh oysters and grilled rabbit that’s all hehehehe x

Always travel with extra cash on hand and cards. I normally exchange to the currency and bring extra sterling with me and a 💳. And I always in advance talk to one of my family members to save and send me money incase I run out just for emergencies. 

Travel medicine kit. Always bring along over the counter medicines that’s including paracetamol, diarrhoea tablets, insect repellents and any prescribed medications. 

Limit your gadgets! If pack together they can be heavy and you might loose them while you’re out there. I normally stick to few things; in my hand carry you’ll find camera, mobile 📱and  iPad for blogging and means of communication with my kids and good pair of earphones. Besides you travel to enjoy what the place can offer so go on enjoy it…socialise and have fun! 

Plan as much as you can but be prepared for any unexpected changes. I tend to plan my holidays but whether I like it or not something always comes up. Change of plans and emergencies so better prepared than going back early.

Inform your family or chosen friend about your travel plans and whereabouts. By doing so it’s less worry for you and for them at the same time. Update them as much as you can while you’re away. I know UK has this site (sorry I can’t remember what it was) where you can update/enter your travel plans for future references and emergency. I did it once before I travelled to America. 

Be flexible- give a day or two allowance. Delays can happen anytime. This comes handy if you’re working and for childcare stuff. 

Travel with the people you are happy and comfortable with. I haven’t travel solo (working on it) so my family, my husband and my 4 girlfriends are my travel buddies. I have 3 sets of travel buddies as you can tell (family get away, holiday with friends and couple breaks) and they all gave me different…memorable and satisfying holidays.

Be organise and most importantly don’t rely on your travel buddies with all the important little things. It’s always best to provide and bring our own stuff like compatible chargers…toothpaste…suncream and so on to avoid embarrassment you know and things like that! 

Travel now don’t leave it too late. And be a tourist no matter where you are! While you can…travel now and enjoy the ride it’s something addictive but great for everyone. There’s always something out there for us to see it doesn’t have to be far or expensive. 

When booking compare holiday prices and deals at all times. Travel websites change their prices most of the time and don’t just settle with one agency. Negotiate if you have to especially if you’re travelling as a group. As they say every little helps…so any savings from your planned holidays can certainly help towards other travel extras. 

Know more about your destination. Find out about it’s Do’s and Dont’s, weather, currencies and if English is commonly used. Another important thing to know is how accessible it is.

Travel Insurance is a must. Its not that you’ll get money when something happens while you’re away but it makes you feel more safer and secure. And if travelling within Europe don’t forget your EHIC card. It’s handy when you need to be seen by most medical practitioners. EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) allows you to access state-provided healthcare during a temporary stay in another European Economic Area (EEA) country or Switzerland. EHIC- know more

Take lots of photos! It’s the only and quickest way for us to return to our previous holidays so take loads of beautiful photos. We only set foot in a place once most of the time so try bring something without harming or damaging it…PHOTOS! 

I’m telling you travelling is full of surprises so embrace it…and most importantly enjoy it! Xxx


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