Tourist for a night in West End 

I’ve been living in London for 15 years now and it’s only last night I enjoyed West End. 

In my younger (party 🎉) years we used to come and meet friends in the area until midnight for clubbing and so on but never to stop and enjoy it as what tourists would normally do. 

But last night before meeting my husband for our post valentines date I had the opportunity to see the beauty of Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, China town and some of Covent Garden at night. I got off at Charing Cross station and took the exit to Trafalgar Square and my it’s beautiful…it’s quite and it’s very inviting. It made me stay for a little while and made me feel like a tourist again! 

I continued walking and reach China town. I found this Taiwanese Milk Tea shop and bought one to try…costing me £3.70 for a regular icy milk tea with pearls; not bad!Then bought red beans bun to take home…my old time favourite; it reminds me of our childhood days back in the Philippines. 

For the finale as planned my husband and I went ahead to the Spanish restaurant and enjoyed the night. I was only in West End last night; but because of the holiday memories from Rome, few glasses of sangria and aioli on the side-  again I was a tourist even for a short time. It just proves that-

“Tourist I will always be no matter where I am!” -mariafelissa 


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