Durdle Door and it’s neighbouring coves

Durdle Door is an amazing wonder of nature naturally formed door like; perfectly set in its long sandy beach with rugged backdrop of limestone; just along Jurassic coastline. Everything about it…from side to side…back and forth are just beautiful scenery with its own specific purpose. Just like the picture below it’s a cove right next to Durdle Door called Man O War– it’s secluded and calm while it’s open and wavy on the other side where the actual door is. Then you’ll see the cliff on the right and hills for hikers and walkers to explore.Truly it’s just stunning and beautiful; one of the best I’ve seen in England! It’s surrounded with other natural beautiful scenery that will totally complete your day trip. 

Our 2 1/2 drive from London with our 2 sleepy monkeys leaving at 5 am was not wasted at all; so rain or shine if you have the chance just drive and go! I guarantee you’ll enjoy the view, the hike, the fresh air, the seagulls and it’s surrounding areas.  The perks is that the coast itself is beautiful and very touristy it will feed your hunger and it can be done within a day or if you get tired you can always stay for a night or two as you’ll find Durdle Door right next to a holiday park where everyone park there cars to see the famous Durdle Door; here’s the postcode for that BH20 5PU. About 5-7 minutes drive you’ll reach Wareham- West Lulworth where you’ll find Lulworth cove; residential with some picture perfect cottages and also great for picnic and lunch. There are some restaurants and shops within the area where you can buy day activities too. We didn’t end there we managed to visit a local village where Corfe Castle is (BH20 5ED is your postcode for the castle). The Village is quite exciting; there you’ll find “a steam train (Swanage Railway) one of Britain’s most popular heritage railways” and they also have role play for medieval times inside the castle unfortunately it’s not free but just within the square is enough for us full of history. Facts:

  • A privately owned estate but open to public to see and enjoy. 
  • It’s in one of the scene in Nanny McPhee 2005 🎥 


  • Good news your 1 day parking ticket from Holiday Park can also be use in Lulworth cove.  
  • Bring raincoat, waterproof shoes or wellies; some of the path or hiking trail get wet and muddy. 
  • Bring enough food and drinks while BBQ is NOT allowed by the beach. 
  • Don’t feed the seagulls you might get fined! 

The coast has so much more to offer but unfortunately we only have 1 day to explore it; now I wonder where our feet and our car will take us next?! 


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