Camping ⛺️ how exciting! Were a family of four with 2 kids and my husband and I got to talking; we decided to try camping as were looking for something exciting…different…away from the wifi world but most importantly close to nature and wallet friendly. 

So here I am trying to get organise for our first camping ⛺️. My husband booked the pitching bit while I keep busy equipping us as we’re a camping virgin as in no equipment or anything and guess what buying all the above items and the rest of them are far more expensive than booking the campsite! But hey hoo I can imagine all the fun already! Prepping for our first camping adventure makes me always think how we especially the kids need to be warm at all times, our safety, lights once it get dark and full of food…nah not without them of course; considering we’ll be doing it somewhere non-electric grass pitching area in Devon. 

We have the energy and we’re hungry for more of those adventures now what else I’m missing?!

Been camping before? How was it? Any tips will greatly appreciate it x


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