Our 1st Family Camping Adventure 

Staycation in camping style is fun, low key but full of adventures. Great for out of the town short breaks and half term get away. Yup camping is another way to get away on budget! 

We packed up…drove off to Torquay Devon for our first family camping adventure and yes we survived our 3 days and 2 nights in a non electric grass pitching tent camping site. It was a great adventure for us and we learned so much from this camping trip that we’ll be useful for our future camping adventure and hopefully you’ll find it useful too xWe arrived a bit late but just in time to pitch our tent at Treacle Valley Campsite (we booked it from http://www.pitchup.com) and in time for our dinner. We don’t have much aside from lots of foods and very basic camping equipment as you can see 🙂 But we did well tho as we didn’t go hungry at all. During bed time Sophia and Aaron decided to stay in the other cubicle- so we said only putting them to sleep and we can call it a success if we put them to sleep on time. We did but to be honest I couldn’t sleep until 2 am; as I was worried that the kids might start kicking off their sleeping bag and the temperature was dropping too. 

We enjoyed Torbay area and up closed to nature on our 2nd day; we stayed out and visited Daddyhole, Paighton beach, had lunch at Babacombe beach and finished off our day exploring at Kents Cavern. We head home on our third day as it was a long journey for us from Torquay back to London. 

Now here’s what we learned during our 1st camping trip: 

We need to be well equipped to be out there camping especially with kids. -mariafelissa 

  1. Don’t underestimate UK weather and temperature it drops in the middle of the night. 
  2. Extra sleeping bag is a must just incase your kids end up in your sleeping bag and you guys don’t fit. At least Daddy can position himself nicely warm and comfortably in the other cubicle x
  3. Bring extra blankets- fleece or wool if possible. 
  4. Bring pillows if it add to your comfort.
  5. Fleeces jacket is a must especially in the night time will keep you warm. 
  6. Wellies you must not forget– the ground gets wet in the morning useful when you do some errands or on your way to the toilet. 
  7. Battery operated night lights great for kids during bed time
  8. Tables and chairs if you have enough space in your car as it add comforts and looks stylish rather than crossing leggings on the ground 😜
  9. Don’t forget your tea, coffee, milk, salt, sugar and peppers great for cooking x 
  10. Knife and scissor is useful as well especially when pitching your tent and undoing it. 
  11. Extra batteries and lights just incase you run out. 
  12. Take some toys, books and balls 🏀 to keep the kids busy during your trip.
  13. A must food, snacks and water. Fill up your car with them everyone’s happy. 
  14. Bring extra cash you’ll need them trust me!
  15. Add tarpaulin to your list to keep your tent totally waterproof. 
  16. Also windshield if you’re planning to cook during camping.
  17. Lastly be friendly to other campers, your neighbors and consider them while you’re out there.

I am done I think and haven’t forgotten anything. Hope this post will keep you warm and waterproof out there. Happy camping guys x


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