Corfu Greece

Corfu looking back is one of the most picturesque destinations I have been. Incase you’re wondering Corfu is one of the islands in Greece; located northwest coast in Ionian Sea. It is defined with beautiful natural scenery, long shorelines and rugged mountains cooled down by the sea breeze; whilst in the night it gets wild with overflowing alcohols and party people as it is noted as the Ibiza of Greece. When we (me and Jham- my friend) booked our holiday to be honest I didn’t have a clue what the destination can offer and surprisingly the place is just perfect for us. It has everything- sea, sun, scenic view, great food, history and culture.

We were based in Sidari area; one of the town in Northern part of Corfu. The area has its own sandy beach, beautiful scenery, plenty of water activities and it is lined with bars- they come alive as soon as it gets dark.

On the other hand Corfu being affordable and beautiful it gets really pack during summer. English holidaymakers heads there for the summer break and the young ones too. There I have witnessed kids (more or less 10 years old) smoking and drinking and wishing things been done by now. To be honest I really don’t want to see that scene and it bothers me. I still believe a responsible and sensible tourists behaviour is a must especially when we’re in a foreign land.

All in all Corfu is a fun and compact holiday destination- great for everyone but ideal for party goers and adventurous tourists and travellers. It was a great holiday for us as we get to have fun in the night and see exciting and picture perfect tourists destination during day time. It is indeed part of the beautiful Greece! Which I have to see more…so watch for it.

Getting around:

Within Sidari when we were there we just tend to walk from place to another or jumping from one shop to the next but if you’re going out of town there are buses you can ride along- a cheap and efficient way to get around; it’s an hourly service but do double check. There’s also taxi services useful for airport transfers; try book it within your hotel. Lastly you can hire cars to explore the island and it’s neighbouring places.

My Top Tips:

  1. If you’re heading to Sidari don’t forget to book a shuttle bus to and from the airport; get that service as it is far.
  2. Do day trips there’s a lot of beautiful places nearby; Monastery of Paleokastritsa and it’s surrounding area is a must visit- amazing view.
  3. Wear decent clothing when visiting a Monastery or bring a sarong just incase.
  4. Don’t party to hard- one drink or two or three will do as there’s plenty to do the next day.
  5. You have to enjoy the food and beef stifado is one of my favourite
  6. Olive is one of their main produce and if you can bring home do as the quality is different; olives there is so nutty. Get them in the market as you pass by will be cheaper and you can choose from different stalls.
  7. Few years back bars give or offer free drinks if you’re a good dancer. Start dancing on stage and shots will come to you; just think twice tho it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  8. Stock up bottled water in your room it was useful for us as we are on the go during our visit.

I think Santorini needs ticking from my list considering how beautiful Corfu is…what do you think?

Happy exploring x



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